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Excerpts from the Prologue

roping sillouhette"...As I gathered together the memorabilia of a life gone by, memories were triggered and my mind was flooded with a wealth of stories about people, animals, and events from the four seasons I worked for the Douglas Lake Cattle Company. Surely, I had a bounty of treasures to share...."

"...The more stories I told, the more stories came to mind, bursting to be told. I realized that the only way to silence the cries of all these untold stories was to write a book. The book would tell the world, (or at least the fraction there of that might want to know), that Yes, I Really Was a Cowgirl."

From the Back of the Book

In September of 1975, a self-described hippie went to work as a camp cook at Douglas Lake Cattle Company in the British Columbia interior. Little did she know that what started as a short-term diversion following a summer of disenchantment would not only transform her into a cowgirl but change her life forever.

Douglas Lake, the largest ranch in Canada, offered up a host of wonderful characters and a landscape that could soothe a restless soul. For a young woman floundering amid the confused values of the Seventies, it was a place for healing, for introspection, and for song writing. It was a place where she would come to know a God Who would give her a frame of reference where she could hang her hat.

From spring branding through to fall round-up, the author spent four seasons swept up in a panorama of adventures and cowboy tradition. It was a tradition which had scarcely changed in a hundred years, a life-style now fast disappearing, a heritage of which this retired cowgirl now says it was an unspeakable privilege to be a part.

Comedy, tragedy, whimsical moments, serious reflections, and high adventure — in Yes, I Really Was a Cowgirl, songwriter Nancy Christenson delivers a humorous and warm hearted story.
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