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  the Cowboys

The Cowboys

by Nancy Fowler Christenson

It was the end of summer; the city got me down
Collecting unemployment and just hanging around
So I found a job that took me out of town
Cooking for some cowboys

Well, the road going out there nearly took my car apart
And I have to confess that at the very start
I had these negative notions deep in my heart
About these things called "cowboys"

Cowboys, I figured, have no brains to spare
They couldn't have or why would they work way out there?
And they've all got their ears hanging way below their hair
These crazy guys called cowboys

It was dark that first morning when I rolled out of bed
To start frying the bacon and toasting the bread
Figured I should have someone examine my head
For taking this job with the cowboys

The first few days were like serving a term
Counting the days till my city return
But I soon found I'd done a complete about-turn
I really didn't mind the cowboys

And if I hurried through the chores and got my cooking done
I could get outdoors for a little fun
Just me and the horse and the grass and the sun
Feeling like a regular cowboy
Oh, just like one of my cowboys

One was a gentleman; one was a fool
Some were hot-headed; others were cool
And a couple of them made me out and out drool
Some of those cowboys!

No, it didn't take long for me to realize
There were nervous vibrations from some of the wives
I admit I had crushes on a couple of the guys
But I never told the cowboys
And I'll never, never tell which cowboys

You see, I grew to envy them their wives and their homes
Their sweet little children already half grown
Here's me twenty-two and still all alone
Just cooking for a bunch of cowboys

Well, the day grew near for the job to close
Sometimes it staggers me the way time goes
And as I leave, I realize I'm going to miss those-
Going to miss those cowboys

Running down the road once more on my own
So sad to leave a place where I felt so much at home
There's something about it that went right to the bone
My mind keeps going back to the cowboys
I keep thinking about the cowboys
And someday I'm going back to the cowboys

© Copyright 1975
All rights reserved.
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